Episode 31

Published on:

3rd Feb 2022

What to do instead of Self-Isolate when you are struggling with guest JOY!

Why do we Self-Isolate instead of seeking connection? Ladies, we are going to chat about it today. I recently climbed out of a hole filled with overwhelm and anxiety. I've been chatting with a lot of women this week who have been going through the very same thing! I consider myself pretty lucky, I feel privileged to have more tools than most and this really blindsided me. Today we are going to have a chat with our very own FaeryGodmother, JOY! She's one of my trusted mentors, friend, and notably the most magical people I've ever met! (Hence the title) She's the real deal and someone in my life I count on to not so gently nudge me forward when I'm falling off track.

Who do you call when you want to celebrate your wins?

Who do you can when things are going crazy in your life?

Who do you call when you feel off and you can't put your finger on what's wrong?

Let's chat about it.

More info on JOY: https://experiencejoy.com/

Live in Gratitude and Be Light!

With Love,


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I know what it is like to be a “hidden” outsider. It took me years to reconcile not “fitting in” and I now I own it as one of my greatest strengths. Outcast from both my tribal relations for being mixed blood and my Chinese family for being 'impure', I experienced a lifetime of rejection, bullying and loneliness. I have walked the path from breakdown to breakthrough. Manifesting as an overachiever, I was a high-flying multi-million dollar sales generator for corporate organizations who created a persona of competitive excellence. At the pinnacle of my career, my life seemed far from broken.

I had an amazing 15-year run. As the money flowed in, my self-destructive behaviors became more expensive and more consistent. I was trying to bury myself standing up. The fast life was a panacea for a deeply broken heart.

The birth of my son, followed by a brief marriage and then a devastating divorce brought the path to recovery into sharp focus and I embarked on the journey of deep awareness, a long road to wellbeing and peace of mind. As a lifetime of trauma and abuse met the light of day, I was drawn to Plant Medicine, Breath Mastery and Energy Healing modalities , including Sound healing, Reiki and Quantum Touch Healing.

I made peace with my family and reconnected profoundly to my Indigenous roots. It took a while, as it often does, but I’ve not only diligently navigated my own recovery; I was inspired to shine a light on others. My extensive training and experience-based compassion, has led me to develop coaching methods that are highly personalized. My 1:1 approach is transformative and permanent.

"Just as a mosaic is beautifully and imperfectly created. We get to accept and integrate all the colorful pieces of ourselves in order to recognize our wholeness."
Today, I am a certified Master Integrated Breakthrough Coach and the creator of the Lioness Method™ -utilizing hypnosis, timeline therapy, NLP techniques with the goal of serving thousands of vibrant female leaders.

What if you could be successful without running yourself into the ground, people pleasing, working long hours, swallowing your emotions, and taking care of everyone else before you tend to yourself, in order to "have it all"?

I've worked with many wildly successful women who secretly feel like imposters In fact, they may feel like they need to be someone different in every situation in their life in order to be loved and accepted. They are doing all the “right things” and they still feel a lack of deep connection in their relationships and a sense that there is something BIG missing from their lives.

One amazing woman I worked with last year felt a cavernous void that she had been looking to fill with everything but self-love, alcohol, food, and casual encounters that made her feel even worse. Working together, we were able to discover that there was an absence of a foundational self-relationship, a complete lack of understanding and ultimate repression of her feminine emotions, deep-rooted desires, preferences, boundaries and beliefs. Many of the women I speak to on a day-to-day basis identify with these challenges. They have simply lost touch with themselves, and feel lost and confused about how they arrived in this place of darkness. Especially because they are intelligent, high-achieving women who outwardly have their stuff together. They look like they "have it all" and feel depleted in so many ways.

The one thing they all have in common is that they made the decision to embark on the path of the Lioness and got really excited to start feeling like the woman they've always wanted to embody. No more faking it until you make it, no more pushing, no more strain. They command confidence, self-assurance, they surrender to the natural flow of their feminine power as a woman and allow it to flow in balance with the masculine side of their business savvy. They decided it was time to take control of their lives, their character and their future.

Many of the women I serve are warriors, persevering through life despite the myriad of obstacles. Their path to success has not been linear. In fact it's been rightfully earned. They've overcome many harrowing experiences on this heroine’s journey. They've earned a lifetime of perspective and transformational skills that have allowed them to make this far and they instinctively know that they need accountability and guidance in order to break through the barriers of their past and start writing the next chapter of their future.

I believe there is a spiritual warrior within every wild woman that’s waiting to be reborn in this lifetime and that’s why I created the Lioness Method.

Whether you have experienced great personal loss, trauma or feel like you have lost touch with who are for any number of reasons, I’ve made it my life’s work to guide women just like you back to themselves.

As a Master Integrated Breakthrough Coach, I weave together several modalities in order to help vibrant female leaders break through the emotional barriers that are holding them back from living life to their full potential. Ultimately, defying my addiction to denial, self-sabotage, self-harm, self-deprecation and victimhood. I learned how to achelmize unimaginable pain into my super power and that is my credential. I believe it’s our responsibility to thrive, regardless of our stories and circumstances. I’ve gathered invaluable tools and organized them in a way that supports rapid growth and illuminates new paths to understanding who you are as a woman, an entrepreneur, a partner, a friend, a mother as a fully embodied Lioness.

The women that seek me out are looking for immediate results. They recognize that time is their greatest commodity that they are no longer willing to squander with self-doubt, worry, and shame. I created the Lioness Method, to empower high-performing women to break through the emotional baggage of the past in order to fully embody the lioness within who commands her value, and creates a vibrant future.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to take swift and decisive action to reclaim your life and harness your natural prowess as a lioness, I invite you to join our community!

In the Lioness Method community, we are all about choosing powerfully in order to maintain focus on what we want so that we can achieve it together and have fun along the way!

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